An Update On Our Donations

By 12th December 2022January 25th, 2023Insights

The very distressing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to touch our hearts. We have donated much-needed items such as: canned and dry foods, medication, first aid kits, women’s toiletries, nappies, baby formula and thermal clothing to Prosperity, the Ukrainian restaurant based in Twickenham, in South-West London. Volunteers who are based at the restaurant have arranged to drive to the border of Ukraine to deliver these essential supplies. We have been collaborating with the amazing team at Prosperity since the war broke out in February, and we remain committed to continuing our support to this important humanitarian effort, with regular monthly donations.

Prax Foundation Roots also regularly donates vital food stuffs each month to Hounslow Community FoodBox, an independently managed Food Bank, which is fully reliant on volunteers and kind donations. We will continue to support food bank initiatives that are local to Prax Group offices around the world, as well as the donation of vital medical and survival supplies to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, our contact in Colombo successfully organised three more essential packages to be delivered to Adampan, Murunkan and Trincomalee, including milk powder, soya, flour, lentils, biscuits and various other essentials.