Love In A Box…. And Birthday Cake!

By 12th March 2024March 13th, 2024Insights

Traditionally, every Christmas, staff from the Prax Group’s UK offices get together to lovingly pack and donate Love In A Box gifts.  These carefully wrapped presents – an expression of love and kindness – are given to each girl in our orphanages in Sri Lanka to show that we are thinking of them.  We are delighted to announce that all of our donations to Sri Lanka have now been received and are already being enjoyed by the girls.

To celebrate the Christmas festivities, Prax Foundation Roots organised for a tailor to visit the girls and make bespoke dresses for them.  This allowed the girls to put on a concert, after which they were given their presents.

Alongside our Love In A Box gifts, Prax Foundation Roots also organised for the delivery of four large cakes (two for our orphanage in Adampan, and two for our orphanage in Murunkan).  In Adampan, this coincided with one of the girls’ birthdays, and she was able to celebrate turning 19 years young with a delicious slice of Victoria sponge.